Who am I?

Hello, this is Sejal, also addressed by friends as Seju :-).

After graduating with a degree in Electronics and Communication engineering, I worked for about 6 years in various companies including Reliance, Wipro and Aricent. My work took me to various cities and countries, where I learned about different cultures and lifestyles. During the last 3 years of my work, I had been volunteering with various organizations involved in bringing about social and environmental change. Coincidentally, that was the period when I tied the knot with Pulkit. Having him to share my life with has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made :-).

In 2010, I put a pause on my IT career, and traveled for over a year in the rural parts of the country on a fellowship offered by Community Health Cell. This year-long travel tremendously helped me in my understanding of the inter-connectivity of various issues and possible solutions. During the same year, I also got introduced to the vegan lifestyle which resonated with me instantly. Most importantly, it removed discrimination and convenient morality from my sphere of concern and action. It also led me to question some of my notions about bring the change in the world (more on that later). I’ve been a steadfast vegan since then, and look upon the adoption of veganism as the single most ethically important/impactful decision of my life.

Veganism also made me aware of issues with preventive health and nutrition, and urged me to dig deeper into those subjects. Hence, I took up a certification course in nutrition from Cornell University to understand basic concepts, while I was in my 8th month of pregnancy. Having lived vegan for 2 years, the pregnancy too was fully vegan (of course). Shaurya, my darling son, was born on 8th April, 2013. We plan to raise him vegan as well – for his health’s sake as much as for ethics/animals.

A year back, I took up a certification in Technical writing, and have been taking contracts for technical documentation ever since. If anyone’s interested, do checkout my Odesk profile :-). I also write about environment, nutrition and veganism in various blogs, websites and magazines. Some of my articles are listed here.

PS: Those who are wondering about my last name Parikh – read more about it here :).
  1. hi,

    Happily surprised to see your blog. Actually I don’t know that you are blogging.


  2. Hi Sejal,
    this is in reg to yr vid Poison on the platter
    (( http://video.yahoo.com/watch/4687000/12525766))
    U did a great job by uploading the vid !! its great !!! Very provoking !!!
    However i ll be more happy if you could post it also another site from where i could download it and show it in places where net connection is a problem((( Sites like youtube and all )) !!!!

    Keep up the probono job !!!
    Cheers !!
    ~Somya 🙂

  3. Great blog. Pl visit us. Could use all the help we can muster.

  4. Hey Sejal.. i’ve been looking at your work lately.. truly impressed, i do not know anyone else who is doing so much for the country.
    Can i talk to you anytime about environmental work that you are doing there.

    i will call you whenever you have some time.


    Kajal Parikh

  5. Hey Sejal,
    I was searching for something online and your hubby’s blog showed up as one of the search results…after sometime I started reading his blog and then ended up in urs from there…pretty good posts. Good job by both of u…esp during your wedding..also liked some of ur other posts.
    P.S: I am also an AID volunteer (from the Chicago chapter) and do appreciate the work you guys do.

  6. Hi Sejal,

    I don’t know whether you remember me or not. I was your classmate in DDIT.

    In college I used to speak a lot in the cultural programs but I don’t have words to expres anything on your noble work. I express my heartly congratulations to you for such a noble work!! I was just surfing on internet and found your website on internet. I have gone though your blogs and your work and it really impressed me a lot.


    Simply the Best !!!


    Ashvin Vyas

  7. Ashlesha Shintre

    Hi Sejal,

    Nice blog – really liked the post about veganism and also loved your and Pulkit’s ideal wedding! Congratulations on making it happen on your own terms 🙂

    I have also turned vegan recently (about 3 or 4 months) and watching that PETA video was horrifying regardless! My husband Srihari who used to volunteer with AID quite actively in Hyderabad directed me to your post about veganism.

    Wish you guys the best!

    • Thanks Ashlesha for the kind words. Its nice to know you have also turned vegan! Do drop by vegan potlucks in hyderabad when you are in town. 🙂

  8. Sushmita Chakrabarti

    Hi Sejal,

    I am more interested into Terracotta Jwellery. Want to have association with you.Please contact me


  9. Good afternoon Ms. Sejal:

    Just wanted to thank u very much for the article that you wrote in the Magazine Life Positive of November 2012 entitled “Go Vegan” I enjoyed t very much and I also read the book that you suggested “The China study” my life and health have been changing. Since I read your article I no longer eat cheese. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing information.

    “La Canche”
    Queens, New York

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