Here’s what’s up with my life!

Life’s changed a lot since I last updated this blog! So this post will be all about the new happenings :).

I’m now mommy to a 7 months old son. We named him Shaurya (means Courage)! He has sort of assumed a center-stage in our lives now :). Being vegan for nearly 3 years now, my pregnancy was obviously vegan. I have often been asked to share my experience with vegan and natural birth. So a post about that is next in the queue! 🙂

I took up two certifications during pregnancy. One on Plant based nutrition from Cornell (of course distant learning) and the another in Technical writing (full time). Hence instead of working full time with IT sector, now I earn my bread by taking technical documentation contracts from home. If anyone’s interested, do checkout my Odesk profile! I also started writing as a freelancer regarding issues relating to veganism, health, environment, etc. Some of my articles are listed here. I also contribute my time to promoting veganism whenever possible.

Being a work-from-home-mom is difficult, but thanks to understanding and loving hubby and forever cheerful Shaurya, everything’s moving smoothly :).


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  1. Congrats !
    I too was a vegan when I was pregnant. Many people told me to drink dairy milk, when I was pregnant…

    I gave birth to healthy baby by thriving on a vegan diet!

    Thank you so much for inspiring Indians to go vegan – good for our health and our environment.

    Blog : global vegan fare

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