Organic food in Hyderabad

Six months ago, suggesting my friends and acquiescence to buy organic food (grown without any toxic chemical based pesticides or fertilizers) was an uphill struggle, but I see a huge turn around today, thanks to Satyamev Jayate. Now, I get approached by the very same people for help with finding organic food in Hyderabad!

This post intends to guide people of Hyderabad in finding organic foods near their areas of residence.

It’s pretty easy to find organically grown dry groceries in Hyderabad, but getting regular supply of vegetables and fruits is still tricky. Hopefully next few years will show more options, with the efforts put in by some of my friends, for making organic food readily accessible in the city.

Center for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), started by Dr. Ramanjaneyulu GV (fondly known as Dr. Ramoo, a participant and beneficiary of SMJ’s episode on toxic foods), has done some pioneering work training many farmers in AP in sustainable agricultural techniques. I truly admire the dedication of the CSA team in making organic possible in Hyderabad.

Today, with the help of CSA and some other organizations, there are many outlets for organic foods in the city.  The conception that organic food costs a hefty amount is no longer true. Most of the organic produce I buy cost as much as their non-organic counterparts. Two major reasons behind a little higher cost of several organic products are : 1.) Land that’s used to chemicals take a few years to rejuvenate after beginning with sustainable farming methods. 2.) Organic food supply chain is not that evolved as of now. Most groups have to set up their separate supply chain, collecting produce separately from farms that are geographically scattered.

However, the branded products that are usually found on the supermarket shelves may be pretty costly. Hence I stay away from them.

Below is the list of many reliable and cost-effective places for buying organic groceries, vegetables and a lot more:

  • Sahaja Aaharam: In its office premises, CSA runs this small store, one of the very first organic stores in the city. The store is located in Tarnaka. One should call them first and check out the availability of certain products before visiting. Sahaja Aaharam is also a good place to buy good quality organic seeds.
  • Good Seeds : The venture was started by four organic food enthusiasts as a for-profit venture with the intention of helping organizations like Sahaja Aaharam and others in marketing their products and to make consumers aware about benefits of organic food. Good Seeds runs a monthly organic bazaar at Saptaparini, Banjara Hills. One can find everything from dry groceries to vegetables, natural washing powders and even natural cosmetics there. YouSee, a group working towards better waste management has a dry waste collection booth in these bazaars, which they later give for proper recycling. Good Seeds has also started five pick up points in Secundarabad, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli. They can be contacted at for more information.
  • Jiva Organics: Launched a few months back, by Shyam Penubolu, Jiva Organic carries a wide variety of products which can be browsed at their website with respective prices. They have recently started home delivery for vegetables/fruits(around selected areas) and an organic catering service too.
  • Hyderabad goes green: Their store in Banjara Hills stocks a number of eco-friendly products, including some organic food products and daily dump’s home-composting pots. They have just recently begun Saturday bazaars for organic vegetables and fruits.
  • Sristi Naturals: I have had good quality organic grapes from Sristi Naturals during the season. More information about their products can be found on the website. Mr. Satya also does home-delivery for organic fruits and vegetables in certain areas near kukatpally.
  • Prakruthi Natural & Organic Store: They do not have online presence as per my knowledge, but they can be contacted at: Sri Mukh Complex, Shop No. 2, Upper Ground Floor, Himayathnagar Main Road, Himayatnagar. Phone number: 8341120702 (Raj)
  • Daaram: Their store is located at:
    1-10-3/1, Boorugu Vihar, Lane next to Andhra Bank, Near Prakash Nagar, Opp. Old Airport Lane, Behind Bottles & Chimneys.
  • Other than this, there are outlets such as Nature’s basket and fab-india. Many super market also stock organic products now. You can spot them under brand names such as ProNature, Down to Earth, 24 Letter Mantra, Organic India etc. Most of these tend to be a little pricey.

Go Organic! Go Healthy!

13 thoughts on “Organic food in Hyderabad”

  1. Reached here from the vegan living post from ISPHyd group mail.. I was not aware of any other organic food stores in hyd apart from 24 Letter mantra.. Will check out the other ones..

  2. Food prices have risen faster in recent years than ever before. As many of us are feeling the pinch, it is time to reevaluate some of our food purchases. The term “organic” has been thrown around in the shopping aisles like sprinkles on the jelly donut you’re trying to avoid. It seems like hundreds of new “organic” products have emerged, all with a price tag about 30% higher than the regular option. Is it really worth the extra money, or are we all being duped with a clever marketing campaign to get us to buy essentially the same thing for a lot more? *

    Head to our very own web blog too

  3. Hi Sejal,
    We are glad to see your posts regarding health n environment. We are a NRI couple and after returning established AR4 Organic Mango Farms. We converted 40 Acres of barren land in to farm with 5000 trees of exotic mango varieties. We also have online web store where anywhere from India can place online order and pay. Mangoes are delivered across all cities by Fedex, Gati and DTDC. We take overseas order too.

    You may view our farm n business model video coverage by Zeenews and Star News.


  4. Well, organic food’s coming up everywhere !
    It’s great that you are trying to educate people with the ready facts. We are an online portal that hopes to spread a sustainable lifestyle among Indians and articles such as these are great encouragement. – Shop. Save.Sustain

  5. Hi this is jaipal,there are so many peoples trying to do organic cultivation in maharastra ,
    the revolutionary cultivation is called zero budget natural forming
    just follow the links below it may be useful to you

    and all parts of zbnf

  6. Dear All, Now a days organic “word” became a fancy and very much using word, i request you all to get aware of actual organic caltivation, I am a farmer having land near hyderabad and i have done so much of research on How to go Organic, now i have started and it will take another 2 years to make my farm original organic farm . i request you dont belive every thing by lable “Organic” now a days some smart people saying that they are supplying organic milk .. my god .. especially Tech’s plz first know what the organic means then start buying/beliving.

    True Farmer

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