After a long hibernation

It’s time to end the year long blogging hibernation! Life has been entirely different and underwent a lot of shifts since I bid farewell to the IT jobs.  Since February last year I spent the bulk of my time traveling and rest in Noida/Delhi. In retrospect, this blog should’ve been buzzing with frequent posts, but the circumstances made me spend more time  in reflecting than  writing.

Traveling through rural and tribal parts of MP, Bihar and Gujarat was quite an eventful time, giving me several firsts in life. The experiences of staying in the huts of people in rural and tribal regions gave me some insights of  rural and tribal lifestyles. It was, of course, strenuous for me, having been a city dweller all my life. Walking long distances and climbing hills to reach one village to another, cycling more than 30 kms on bumpy and flooded road (with an ordinary bicycle), walking barefoot through flooded fields, sleeping in a hut and getting soaked in the middle of the night due to leaking roof, learning to de-weed the fields– each of these episodes took me through an uncharted territory. I traveled to many places in this phase, from Gujarat to Rajasthan to MP to Orissa to Bihar to Karnataka, all of them by  non-AC trains/buses. I’m glad to have been able to avoid buying bottled water (disposables) in all the journeys till date! Looking back, I also find it striking that I ended up using almost all modes of sustainable transportation – trains(non-AC), buses, trucks, tractor, bicycle etc. (avoiding the fuel guzzling flights).

My attempts to understand problems from various viewpoints,  have helped me connect many previously scattered dots.  Quite a lot reasoning with myself and others, made me decide Environmental conservation as my area of focus.  As for concrete plans, there are none for now. Hopefully I shall be able to throw more light on this in sometime.

Btw, we’ve shifted to a new place, and while continuing the other  eco-friendly practices, I’m also experimenting with a new method of composting (suggested by Divya). Friends are most welcome for a good homemade vegan meal.  🙂


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  1. Hi,

    Was not knowing that you left IT. YOu did what many people say/think and wish but nevcer do.
    This blog was short but substantial. Hope I will take inspiration from it.

    Your area of focus is something that really need focus…

    All the best

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