A post on Compost!

home-composting bins at my home
home-composting bins at my place

Waste segregation is something I’ve been practicing over a year now. Though I was never sure if that remained segregated after having been collected by BBMP, I feel the chances of the source segregated waste getting mixed with normal waste are lesser and it may even make segregation at destination easier. I’ve read and heard about some initiatives by BBMP for solid waste management, but I still have some doubts about it’s efficiency when I see piles of jumbled up garbage lying on the street sides. Finding more about this schemes and implementation level details is another action item pending in my list. But till that time, I thought of solving at least my in-house waste problem, by getting a home-composting kit from DailyDump. After getting them, the dustbin for ‘wet garbage’ has become almost obsolete in my kitchen. I never knew composting can be so neat and easy. The final compost that comes out of the waste, indeed gives a typical fresh earthen smell. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to understand such complexity of the nature, that grows food out of the soil and has a way to finally get them back to the same form!

I’ve also put together a mini garden outside my kitchen, to utilize this compost. This, in a way, has become my new-found hobby :-)

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12 thoughts on “A post on Compost!”

  1. I liked the idea of putting each of these pots (esp. the small ones) on a plate, so that the excess water that comes out can be put back to the same pot – a tiny instance of water efficiency :).

  2. Hi Sej

    I saw your comments on Unchaahi. I agree with you 100%. In fact, I’ve been stating the same on my personal blog for the past two days. However, it has been my mistake for completely ignoring Unchaahi. I didn’t realize that Nina had posted that. I’ll try and make amends.

    Thanks. :)

  3. hi Sejal!,
    this is a very informative post!!!.. if you wonder if you would ever understand the complexity of the nature, then consult a chemical engineer :)…

    Commendable [Com]post!

  4. everything about the khmbha is cool…but for the nylong mesh…they could incorporate a corosion resistant aluminum perforated piece and make it even more earth friendly

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