Have a Cracking, Cracker-less Diwali!

A must-watch video on what happens in most of the cracker factories. Yes, those people need employment, but not at the cost of their lives!

Here’s something more on the subject you can read.

Have a Cracking Cracker-less Diwali!


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  1. I so much agree with you, I remember all my earlier deepawalis were with simple crackers and mostly with decorating home with diyas, now it has changed so much. Since morning this guy next to my house has been bursting big bombs, and it is damn irritating.

  2. Sasmita Choudhury

    Yes, I do agree on that. Bursting crackers is no way good for us. Apart from tht fact that it encourges child labour, it does have a strong effect on the atmosphere. We do so much to save our environment, however in just one day (during Diwali) we make it pollute 100 times(in terms of air pollution and noise pollution). So at least to keep this earth less polluted, we should think of ten times before bursting a cracker, which just gives instant pleasure for few moments.

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