Exploring the Art of Cooking!!

Does this title make you say “Oh, now it seems she is really into married gals’ gang!” 😉

I have hated this traditional art (read cooking) since my teens, when mom would poke me every now and then for learning it, reminding that I will have to do it some day, and I would go all cranky on such ‘Bhashan’ of hers 🙂

Cooking was not-so-horrible initially, but sooner when I begun to handle other stuff at work and life, self-cooked food didn’t seem to be a good idea. The time I took for cooking was so long that we could only dine by 11pm. So finally we got ourselves a cook! But I have continued on my cooking experiments during Sundays.

Honestly, sometimes I do find this art interesting. It’s indeed a magic, when I find how the taste of any vegetable changes altogether when it’s cooked. How with some permutation/combination of different vegetables and spices, one can come up with a whole new sabji! Sometimes there is a pinch of suspense too; when I don’t know what would be the outcome of the dish I started with, until it’s been tasted by Pulzy! 😀

So all in all, I have begun to like cooking a bit. My mom, if by any chance she gets to read this post, would surely be delighted 😛


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  1. I love cooking.. :). But only as a hobby and not everyday stuff.

  2. Seju, I wouldn’t comment on my liking (or the lack of it) for cooking as it is well known too you :). But, I wanna say here, for the records(!), that you are one hell of a cook, particularly when you make Punjabi dishes such as veg. makkhawala and palak panir.

  3. Cooking is fun and for me its a stress buster.. you must get Pulz into it as well 🙂

    I’ve more less evolved after experimenting on my roomies

  4. Hi Sej,

    I always like cooking especially to do some experimentation and try cooking something new. But, i hate the after cooking work which is to wash vessels 🙂

  5. just to let u know, i work for Wipro and got your site from your profile in ChannelW.

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