Go-cycle Bangalore meet

Around 8 am Sunday, April 27th, the place near the Bethani High School (Kormanagala) was moCyclists gathered near Bethani Schoolbbed with cyclists, sporting white colored T-shirts and lavish smiles – smiles stemming from the satisfaction of having taken a right step towards preserving the environment. This was all part of a Bangalore-wide campaign to celebrate the car-free day wherein people are appealed to keep their fuel-hungry four-wheelers at bay. Cyclists from all over the city drove in to a common point on the MG road, inspiring many on-lookers along the way. The press took a generous notice of the event, which had been very well planned. Many of the participants bike to work on a regular basis and almost all of them have significantly cut down their fuel usage

All set to cycle!!This was my longest but eye-opening cycling ride that broke my misconception about my limited cycling capacity. If I recall the first time I rode Pulkit’s bike to work, I had found the drive so exhaustive that the moment I got hold of Pulkit, I told him that I was dropping the plan of getting a bike for myself. But, soon after a few more rides, I found myself quite comfortable with this new mode transportation, and now I have come to a stage of where I am truly enjoying my rides to office.

It was very heart-warming to interact with many like-minded people, conscious on matters of environment and pollution. May more and more citizens become aware of these issues, and more importantly, start acting on them!

PS 1: For those who are in support of using the bicycle as a preferred mode of transportation: you are not alone, find more like-minded chaps on bikeszone forum.

PS 2: For those of you who had asked, here is the link to that newspaper article.


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  1. An excellent initiative!!

  2. I ride bicycle to school during summer and hitch a ride on public transportation during rest of the year…. way to go on cutting down fuel consumption!!

  3. hi. i want to get in touch with someone from go cycle to cover a story on their initiative.
    could you pls send me some contact details.

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Agriculturally!

  5. dharav, my husband has been on a bike all his undergrad and postgrad life in pune. i too bought one after marriage and we both were the talk of the college because we both were the only resident doctors in the campus who went about everywhere in pune on a cycle and a helmet on top of it! now that we are in mumbai, cycling is a difficult here as a primary means of transport as distances of work are far.

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