My life’s most interesting twist!

It’s true; my marital status has indeed changed! The chosen one is a gentleman named Pulkit. His blog should tell you a great deal of what all he does & thinks. It also hosts an elaborate, photo-filled post on our wedding. Since this is an era of theme weddings, we too couldn’t help but find ourselves one. Our wedding theme was diverting the marriage money to charity – Keep the wedding low-key and support NGOs/social work from the money saved. In keeping with that, ours was a simple wedding wherein only immediate relatives were invited; every one else was intimated. So, I request you not to map my closeness with you to your not getting invited to the wedding! For those interested, the other half of our theme (donations to selected groups striving to empower the poor) is captured here.


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  1. hey sejal…..congratulations. I am really happy for the two of you and give my best wishes. btw….when was ur wedding??? and yes…u have to treat us when we plan to come to banglore to meet u and ur hubby..:P
    no excuses here!!!!!
    bbyeee…all the best.. keep rocking!!!!!!!

  2. “Divert the marriage money to community development.”
    Great initiative taken!

  3. Congratulations on your wedding Sejal. And to Pulkit too. I wish you a very happy married life. And a great initiative…i must say.
    Chintan Desai

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