Northy Valentine’s Day – Karva Chauth !

Recently I witnessed the latest trends of ‘Karva Chauth’. I would like to name it as ‘North Indian Valentine’s day’! This traditional day, though centers on married couples, the unmarried gals also join the club to rock the festival with dreams of getting their ‘prince charming’. The challenging part of the festival is the fast (without water), kept by the ladies. But all work and no fun don’t go quite well together! The ladies of the family would Indianize themselves with gracious traditional wears and jewelry plus Mehndi on their hands. Of course, one must appreciate this effort of your life partner, so wives enjoy the highest priority given by their hubbies on this day 🙂

After a bit of survey of girls who were going for ‘Karva Chauth’, I could figure out, most of them do not carry faith in the charismatic effectiveness of the fast. They primarily go for the girlie fun part of the festival. Some of them also go for it simply as a part of herd following the tradition. Although, the day, as a usual festival, is successful in bringing some fun moments apart from routine life; the issue I see with ‘Karva Chauth’ (and those that fall in this category), is, they are too male centric. Such tradition shows how the life of a female in Indian society, always has to revolve around the male counter-part. The girl from her childhood would start praying to God to lead her to her dream-boy. (Oh btw, this magic wand works only for Hindu-religion followers!) The guys, on the other hand, don’t need to do any such ‘Vratas’ to get good girls! This only hints me to thinking that, either all the Indian girls are perfect for marriage, or there’s a scarcity of decent guys for marriage in India 😉 Again, getting good guy is not enough, now it’s time for some maintenance! A woman being relatively weaker substance (in terms of physique), has been endowed by God with a secret power of fast (Tapo Shakti – is the word, if I am not mistaken!) She can now prolong the life of her husband by this magical power!

One feedback said that such events add some charm in married life. Well, you, as a husband would be impressed, if your wife stays without water and food till night for your long life! It may be a way to show the dedication for your life partner, addition of a few years in his life doesn’t really take precedence. But then, why only wife? Why not husband too? Although there are some hubbies joining their wives for the fast, but that goes only as an add-on to what is called a regular duty of the wife. Another thought says, how can your keeping fast show your ‘true’ love to your life partner?

With this question still open, I’m off to my own wedding 🙂


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