Movie? – Well, no thanks :)

My life has been full of resolutions that I struggle to keep up to 🙂

Not claiming to be successful in all of them, yet, I’ve notably succeeded in sustaining my latest resolution. On my 24th birthday, I determined to lower all my expenditures on movies. The thought had been molding for a long time, undergoing self debates. It had been slimly uphill, at times when I had to refuse the movie proposals of friends/acquaintances, and then tackle the laughing faces on revelations of my reasons for denial. But in all, I’m glad to live up to my decisions.

Here’s an effort to synopsize some of the points. Citing the current scenario, the major part of the cinema audience is dominated by students and software professionals longing for some fun out of their routines. (Here, by no means I am denying the possibility of me being one of them!) And it is because of those chaps, who are obsessed with their state of having enough money to spend for sake of their so-believed well-deserved pleasures, and who are ready to pay whatever is needlessly demanded for these momentary pleasures; the cinema ticket prices are flying immensely high. Now the question is, do we gain the much-anticipated fun during those 3 hours spent inside cinema hall? In my view, watching movie in cinema should only be desired when the movie under consideration is worth watching on the big screen with the cinema sound systems. After all, these are the only primary facilities that a movie-theater is required to provide. Otherwise the comfortable homely coziness may win higher preference over cinema set-up.

The sole motive of this post is to ignite cognizance amongst the readers for the ever-raising cinema ticket prizes.  Having money shouldn’t lead to the necessity of spending it on unessential needs. Same way, lack of alternatives for effective utilization of free time shouldn’t result into option of watching movies in cinema-halls.


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  1. “Its not coz v hav money dat v go 4 a movie”…v went 2 watch Fool n Final(d most pathetic movie ever)…4 wat??? jus simple pure fun among ourselves na..wid frnz rite…
    Goin 2 malls is pathetic here v don hav much decent gardens etc…n sitting at home jus 4 d sake f saving money,I think nobody finds it a better option…newaz evrybody’s perception ma’m…
    Movies r a gud time pass…n studyin or jus reading buks all time or loitering arnd all time for time pass is no better dan goin in 4 a movie…

  2. Yeah Jas, don’t you think that fool n final episode was a mistake then? Did we actually have fun? Well for me, I felt I had made a big mistake there, and in fact that’s what triggered this idea more strongly inside me. And dear, you are right that there’s no point of loitering around for time pass, there may be plenty of good things to do in your free time, depending on what you prefer good. And definitely reading books is a better option then going for movie. Coz books inflame ideas in you, they improve your style of thinking, if you choose your books precisely.

    Surely it also depends on your definition of entertainment. If you find movie as a source of entertainment, then it really doesn’t matter, if you want to watch it at home or theatre (unless movie needs theatre specialities!). If you find being with friends is fun, then, in theatre, you don’t talk to your friends much till 3 hours! It would be good to take a long walk the talk instead or just gather at some place and talk. Its not just for sake of saving money, it’s for the satisfaction of your notions, about spending money in the right direction and about spending your time more effectively.

    I am not claiming that I used to be in this way from the start, or I was different from you sometimes back, but I took some time to decide and stick to these beliefs.

  3. On behalf of Chandan

    On your blog(sending here bcoz recving error during submission): Hi Sejal,On Book you said: “..if you choose your books precisely..”same is true for movies dear 🙂 and you had accepted it “..watching movie in cinema should only be desired when the movie under consideration is worth watching on the big screen with the cinema sound systems..”I guess this is nothing but conflict of thoughts.I prefer movies.. well.. slight disagreement here.. but you were same sometime back.. we will take some more time friend.. sorryaur haan agar tere is resolution pe agar koi hasta hai toh hasne de yaar.. jo tera mann kare woh kar.. kyunki apne aap ko khush rakhna jyada important hai(well.. is line pe bhi bahas ho sakti hai ki apne aap ko khush rakhna kitna imp hai..har kisi ki apni definition hogi.. par main koi saadhu sant to nahin hun..You are doing something diff so be ready to get some strange reactions… but your determination might earn respect for you at last..

  4. @Chandan- you can choose your movies precisely, and I’ve tried to give my perspective of how I would choose movies if I wanna watch them in theatre!! But may be I missed to emphasize on one of major point behind this whole blog. That is, the way the movie ticket costs have gone higher coz of our craze (including me!) If we all, educated crowd, at least try to limit ourselves in our craze of watching movies in theatre, there might be (still not sure!) a minor contribution towards normalizing the movie ticket rates!

  5. Hi Seju,
    Firstly agree with what u say so……….”Go for it only if it is worth it”. There are many more creative things that can be done and nowadays there are so many things available at ur disposal to learn which was not available earlier……for eg:- Learn Different dances, learn music & musical instruments…….spend ur valuable money on something productive……..watching movie in a theatre once a while with friends is GOOD but that shud not become a habit……..basically NPT (Non Productive Time).

    Spend time with friends, no doubt the best thing to do as they are the people you share most of the things which you do not speak out to parents and relatives………truly they deserve the time.

    The best gifts 🙂

    Anyways as you said it right……..its not a compulsion but its everyones perception.


  6. Update!

    It’s been more than 2 years, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to keep up to this resolution till date!

    Though I don’t really mind watching ‘worthy’ movies with family, it just didnt happen 🙂

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