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It’s all OK for us, Coz we are Men !!

It was a normal tea-time chit-chat with a friend of mine. We were touching through various topics and this discussion of movies came when he asked which movie I saw last. My answer was Metro, and as expected his next question was how I found it. To which my one-liner answer was, “It’s an extreme negative example of an arranged marriage.”

And before I realized, I was dragged into an unwanted discussion. So as it had already started, I had to end it with proper answers. And shockingly I discovered, what a cheap thinking this man had whom I used to respect. According to him in the movie though shilpa’s character is of a perfect wife, he found KK’s character of perfect husband!!! How on earth one can agree to this silly point, where that character was shown so selfish and narrow-minded, and so I had innocently believed that it was kind of exaggeration in the movie. May be such kind of Men are there somewhere in India, but I was pretty sure that the guys whom I interact with and who represent the youth of 21st century will definitely not fall into that category.

All my arguments/comments to change his mindset were useless to him and he chose to stick to his only one counter-argument, “We live in Indian society where it’s OK for guys to do anything, you know, ‘ladko ke liye sab chalta hai’, it can’t exactly be called ditching or being disloyal as far as they are not breaking the marriage, but the same can never be acceptable for a wife!!!” Well, He turned out to be one of those obstinate, close-minded people, whom I usually hate to argue with and I anyhow did not want to argue more on this shit mentality of his, coz he wasn’t worth it, but I was again dismayed when he claimed that most of the guys of his age carry the same mindset!

Now I am asking to the guys reading this blog to post their honest point of view.. are you all really fall into the same category as this guy?

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